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Monday, November 14, 2011

State treatment of cigarette

State treatment of cigarette
Because smoking has many dimensions, in terms of health, family economics and state income / tax, private parties, requires the State's role in determining the regulation, not to harm many parties, especially the community.
In terms of health would have been a lot of medical research that reveals the devastating impact of tobacco to human health but to the community eventually abandoned for economic reasons, ranging from increasing smokers to smoke in public behavior that interferes with other people. In this case the government has made rules about the types of tobacco advertising, restrictions on tar and nicotine from cigarette production, to ban smoking in public places
developed countries
Singapore is full of these rules already prohibit tobacco advertising since 1970, raising cigarette prices, bans smoking in air-conditioned place is plastered with a fine clear. Even since August 2004 to make regulations for manufacturers to put up a horrible picture about the ill effects of smoking on the body in a box of cigarettes are sold, then what where with in developing countries? worry about the welfare of the people was defeated by the interests of tobacco companies and their colleagues

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