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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

reasons for smoking with cigarette

every action there must be reasons that go with it, including in the case of cigarettes, smoking temptation has been present since the person was young. Pressure from friends is one of the main causes. In Canada, 70 percent of children who smoke claimed to be affected by their friends who have been smoking first. The young people were feeling the "social rewards" when they smoke.
"There is a feeling of welcome in the community when they ask, 'should ask for the fire?'," Says a study by Teen Drug Abuse. In addition, there is also the behavior of young people who are happy with high-risk activities.
Also since a young age is the age of the formation of personality that would have a strong influence from the environment and value - the value that they view as right, one that causes teen trapped on a cigarette is the desire to be recognized as a young adult is no longer a teenager, and cigarettes they view is the behavior of A an adult.
This viewpoint is formed from the behavior of parents who set an example by smoking or let the child obtain information freely without being guided so that parents can only receive the wrong information about cigarettes


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