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Monday, November 14, 2011

State treatment of cigarette

State treatment of cigarette
Because smoking has many dimensions, in terms of health, family economics and state income / tax, private parties, requires the State's role in determining the regulation, not to harm many parties, especially the community.
In terms of health would have been a lot of medical research that reveals the devastating impact of tobacco to human health but to the community eventually abandoned for economic reasons, ranging from increasing smokers to smoke in public behavior that interferes with other people. In this case the government has made rules about the types of tobacco advertising, restrictions on tar and nicotine from cigarette production, to ban smoking in public places
developed countries
Singapore is full of these rules already prohibit tobacco advertising since 1970, raising cigarette prices, bans smoking in air-conditioned place is plastered with a fine clear. Even since August 2004 to make regulations for manufacturers to put up a horrible picture about the ill effects of smoking on the body in a box of cigarettes are sold, then what where with in developing countries? worry about the welfare of the people was defeated by the interests of tobacco companies and their colleagues

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

reasons for smoking with cigarette

every action there must be reasons that go with it, including in the case of cigarettes, smoking temptation has been present since the person was young. Pressure from friends is one of the main causes. In Canada, 70 percent of children who smoke claimed to be affected by their friends who have been smoking first. The young people were feeling the "social rewards" when they smoke.
"There is a feeling of welcome in the community when they ask, 'should ask for the fire?'," Says a study by Teen Drug Abuse. In addition, there is also the behavior of young people who are happy with high-risk activities.
Also since a young age is the age of the formation of personality that would have a strong influence from the environment and value - the value that they view as right, one that causes teen trapped on a cigarette is the desire to be recognized as a young adult is no longer a teenager, and cigarettes they view is the behavior of A an adult.
This viewpoint is formed from the behavior of parents who set an example by smoking or let the child obtain information freely without being guided so that parents can only receive the wrong information about cigarettes

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Age smokers

Every moment increased the number of smokers and the smokers of this age also play young. Allegedly the number of children of smokers over the age of 10 years in Indonesia increased since the last four years.
"Based on the results of basic research of health Ministry of Health in 2010 the number of children of smokers aged over 10 years since 2007 have increased the prevalence reached 28.2 percent," said Minister of Health Endang Rahayu in Bukitinggi, West Sumatra, Friday (07/15/2011). (Source: kompas.com).
Although not mentioning the exact number of smokers aged 10 years and over, in 2007, the number of smokers aged 10 years and over only 23.7 percent. "That is, there is an increase of about five percent with an estimated their risk of lung cancer by 20-25 percent," he continued.
Health problem in Indonesia is currently facing a new disease patterns. Non-communicable diseases continues to rise due to changing lifestyles driven society. Lifestyle in question is a low-fiber diet, high in fat, and the use of cigarettes or tobacco is increasing.
Among the Indonesian population aged above 15 years, 35 percent are smokers. And of the 10 boys over the age of 15, 6 to 7 people of whom smoke,.
Based on data Riskesdas 2010, the prevalence of people aged 15 years and over who smoked per day reached 28.2 percent nationally. While based on the age of first smoking nationally, the age group 15-19 years ranked with the highest prevalence reached 43.3 percent, followed by 10-14 years age group which reached 17.5 percent.
Another situation is more alarming is that there are 85.4 percent of active smokers smoke at home with family members, so it can adversely impact the health of other family members, especially the children.
Thus, children exposed to secondhand smoke or passive smoking. These children will experience health problems such as lung growth is slow, prone to bronchitis, ear infections and so on., More than 43 million Indonesian children living at home with smokers and are exposed to secondhand smoke or passive smoking. Amounting to 37.3 percent of students reported smoking used, and 3 out of 10 students the first time smoking at age below 10 years.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

cigarette culture

In several articles in saying that smoking behavior was first there in Native American / Indians as part of the ritual worship of gods / spirits, this culture mimicked by Europeans at the time of the expedition to the American continent.
Eventually these activities into a new culture among the people of Europe and extends into their colonies around the world

in Indonesia cigarettes history of the oldest period is estimated at around 1870-1880's. at that time there is someone who feels pain in the chest due to suffering from asthma. He then put clove oil on the body of the sick. It turned out that the pain had subsided.

Based on these experiences, Djamari was then experimented with chopping into small cloves (chopped) and mix it with chopped tobacco for later in the hand-rolled into cigarettes. From the sound of cigarettes 'kemeretek' sucked at it then was born the name of 'kretek'.

clove cigarettes is being produced by Nitisemito. He made cigarettes as a cottage industry to mass-produced first time in Indonesia. In 1908 the company Nitisemito get permission from the Government of the Netherlands East Indies with brand Bal three. A year later Nitisemito began to make clove cigarettes and in cigarette is actually grown into the industry, though still a home industry worked Nitisemito and his family.

In everyday life, acknowledged or not, for some communities where smoking is vital. They do not consider cigarettes as addictive, but a lifestyle inherent in the interaction within the community. Smoking is a loyal friend who had accompanied them in a coffee shop, stay up and means of making friends. Of a cigarette being offered is not difficult to make new friends for them. Thus the function of cigarettes here as well as a medium of communication. Strange? Of course not, this is the existing reality.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

cigarette effect

 not smoking, is a phrase commonly observed in the gas station, because you certainly can imagine the risks that could have been a combination of cigarettes with gasoline, or when we are in the office or meeting room, because there are many who feel disturbed from cigarette smoke, this is small example of the effects of smoking.
effects of smoking can be seen very much in terms of health, finance, environment, culture. crime, in this site, we try to explain to you